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best French songs
best French songs

French Songs’ History

The first French Songs were released in the old centuries. In the past, people were teaching music in schools. French Songs include genres such as classical, romantic, folk, etc. Around the world, there are a lot of lovers of French Songs. Some people think French Songs are for romantic people. However, this depends on the genre and the content of the song that you listen to. There are a lot of popular singers or groups of French Songs. Stromae is one of those singers who is at the forefront in recent years.

Best Frencs Songs

  1. Nino Ferrer – Le Sud
  2. Que Marianne était jolie – Michel Delpech
  3. Santa Maria de la mer – Mireille Mathieu
  4. Avec le temps – Lo Ferr
  5. Un Homme Heureux – William Sheller
  6. Poupe de cire poupe de son – France Gall
  7. Eddy Mitchell – Sur La Route De Memphis
  8. San Francisco – Maxime Le Forestier
  9. Les Copains D’Abord – Georges Brassens
  10. A la faveur de l’automne – Tété
  11. La plus belle pour aller danser – Sylvie Vartan
  12. For Me, Formidable – Laura Fygi
  13. Les Champs Elysées – Joe Dassin
  14. Mon Amour – Eliane Elias
  15. Les Feuilles Mortes – Veronica Berti

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